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Our Story

In 2015, Joanne Mulholland took a big step and changed her entire life. After nearly 11 years of using hydrotherapy for her own dogs, she decided to literally buy her own pool for her babies Katie and Leyna, both of whom suffered from weak hips. Leyna only had three legs yet with love and care and weekly swims she managed to live a happy and long life.

She opened Aqua Dog Hydrotherapy and Recreational Centre after intense training at other centres. From day one, Joanne has dedicated her life to the care of dogs. Not only does she strive to make hydrotherapy as affordable as possible, she is constantly researching ways to rejuvenate the industry to make it even better!

Two years down the line, Aqua Dog has grew greatly and is at the forefront of hydrotherapy in NI. Joanne now leads a dedicated team of hydrotherapists to provide the best care and treatment for all dogs. So if you are an owner of a furry friend and want to get them fit or help their recovery after an operation or even just give them something different then why don't you come down and check us out!

Why You Should Choose Us!

  • We are the most affordable hydrotherapy centre in the whole of Ireland when it comes to rehabilitation. Along with this owners can also claim their treatment costs through their insurance.
  • We offer a variety of styles of swimming and personalised treatment for every unique customer!
  • We are able to treat every breed of dog, no matter the size from Pomeranian to Newfoundland!
  • We are rated 5 out of 5 by all of our customers!
  • We have the largest collection of trained hydrotherapists in Northern Ireland!
  • We are the largest hydrotherapy centre in NI and offer a minimum of 60 appointment slots every week, guaranteeing every dog a slot.
  • We work closely with dozens of veterinary clinics to ensure the best possible rehab care plan.
  • We offer free underwater footage!
  • We offer affordable supplements at great prices!
  • Featured on BBC Radio Ulster and Today Fm!

Check out our website or feel free to explore our Facebook page services to find out more!

Contact us today at 07714612691 (Joanne - Director) or 02892106220 (Aqua Dog). Or alternatively PM the page or email us at
We look forward to hearing from you all! Thank you for reading!