Canine Hydrotherapy for Fun and Leisure

£28 for 1 Dog

A great way to give your dog some much-needed relaxation and downtime from the stresses of everyday life. Hydrotherapy provides great relief from stress from those dogs that may not be as fit as they once used to be such as elder dogs. Due to the weightless nature of hydrotherapy elderly dogs can swim in a non-weight bearing environment which is easier on the joints and allows for greater movement leading to an increase in muscle tone and general fitness.

Even fit and healthy dogs can come as an alternative to land-based activities to give them something different. It is a great form of fitness and one of the best your dog can take part in! At Aqua Dog we encourage dogs to let loose with the use of toys of all types and create an environment where both you and your dog can have a memorable and fun experience every time.

One of our qualified hydrotherapists will help you and your dog have the best possible time with us while letting them swim in a safe environment. Some of the benefits of coming to us are:

  • A non-weight bearing exercise
  • great mental stimulation through games
  • muscle strengthening and maintenance
  • improved circulation
  • improved cardiovascular fitness